Trauma Resiliency

Building Student Resilience Through Positive Connections (2206-19)

Building positive connections with your students helps to build resiliency, which, in turn, can help them cope with trauma, stress, and adversity. These positive connections can help serve as a protective factor for the student. Building connections with your students is a trauma-skilled practice that also helps to promote engagement, attendance, and achievement. That is why being intentional about connecting with all your students is so important. This micro-course will help you develop strategies for connecting to even the most distant student.

Course Author: Dr. Megan Horsh

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  • Resilience Through Relationships and Connections
  • Getting Started
  • Purposeful Practices Menu
  • Connections Build Resiliency
  • Benefits of Connections
  • The Power of Relationships in Schools
  • Benefits of Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Building Positive Connections
  • What is a Connection?
  • How Do We Build and Foster Connections?
  • 8 Ways to Connect
  • Select a Strategy
  • Strategies Into Action
  • Take Action
  • Learning Extensions
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  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever