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The Power of Playlists for Self-Directed Learning (2202-02)

As teachers, we work hard to meet the individual needs of students in our bustling classrooms. In the whirlwind of our busy school days, we look for ways to optimize our time with students and empower them to take charge of their learning.

Playlists can help. A playlist gives students a sense of autonomy over their pace or pathway of learning. Playlists free up the teacher to work with students individually or in small groups. Learn about the power of playlists for self-directed learning and design a playlist you can use with your students!

➤ Includes a free, downloadable resource guide and links to many documents you can copy and customize.

Course Author: Christine Davis

  • Welcome!
  • Resource: Downloadable Course Booklet
  • Part 1: Self-Directed Learning Through Playlists
  • Your Experience as a Self-Directed Learner
  • What is Self-Directed Learning?
  • Benefits of Self-Directed Learning
  • Actions of a Self-Directed Learner
  • How Do Playlists Fit In with Self-Directed Learning?
  • What Are Playlists?
  • Part 2: Types of Playlists
  • What Type of Playlist is Best?
  • 3 Types of Playlists
  • Single-Path Playlists
  • Sample Single-Path Playlist
  • Choice-Board Playlists
  • Sample Choice-Board Playlist
  • Combo Playlists
  • Sample Combo Playlist
  • Part 3: Creating a Playlist for Your Learners
  • Playlist Planning: Step 1
  • Playlist Planning: Step 2
  • Playlist Planning: Step 3
  • Playlist Planning: Step 4
  • Playlist Planning Template
  • Additional Playlist Templates
  • Wrap Up
  • Take Action: How Would You Use a Playlist?
  • Share Your Feedback
  • About the Author: Christine Davis
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever