How Happiness Fuels Success (I2147)

Will you find happiness when you are successful? Or will you find success because you are happy? Take an hour and develop a new awareness of your thought patterns and practices. Discover philosophical, scientific, and research-based information about happiness, and use it to examine your thought patterns creatively and critically. Be inspired to enhance your practices that support personal and professional performance. Find happiness and you will find success with ease!

Course Author: Dr. Tresa L. McVicker, Ph.D.

  • Introduction: How Happiness Fuels Success
  • Defining Happiness
  • Questions to Ponder
  • Your Daily Practices
  • VIdeo: How Do You Define Happiness?
  • Activity: How Do You Define Happiness?
  • Checkpoint: Defining Happiness
  • Happiness and Your Brain
  • Change Your Brain...Change Your Life
  • Resource: "Happy People Find Success" Poster
  • Regaining Control of Your Brain
  • Stress Management Article [Optional Article]
  • Changing Our Brain: Positivity and Mindset
  • The Science of Positive Thinking [Optional Article]
  • Checkpoint: Happiness and the Brain
  • Positive Practices & Resources for Happiness
  • Goals and Failure
  • Why Failure Is Good for Learning [Optional Article]
  • Resource: Videos for Your Students: Learning from Failure
  • Happiness and Habituation
  • 15 Daily Habits Highly Successful People Have [Optional Article]
  • Obstacles and Challenges
  • Sangha
  • Checkpoint: Positive Practices for Happiness
  • Take Action
  • Outlining a Practice for You
  • Positive Practices in Detail
  • Which Will You Choose?
  • Great Reads! [Optional]
  • About the Author [Optional]
  • Share Your Feedback
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction: How Happiness Fuels Success, Questions to Ponder, Your Daily Practices, VIdeo: How Do You Define Happiness? , Activity: How Do You Define Happiness?, Checkpoint: Defining Happiness, Change Your Brain...Change Your Life, Resource: "Happy People Find Success" Poster, Regaining Control of Your Brain, Changing Our Brain: Positivity and Mindset, Checkpoint: Happiness and the Brain, Goals and Failure, Resource: Videos for Your Students: Learning from Failure, Happiness and Habituation, Obstacles and Challenges, Sangha, Checkpoint: Positive Practices for Happiness, Outlining a Practice for You, Positive Practices in Detail, Which Will You Choose?, Share Your Feedback"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever